Refinishing your cabinets can have a major impact on your kitchen or bathroom. You can enamel your cabinets to cover up old wood and give you kitchen a classic feel. You can also stain and clear coat to update and provide further protection. Either option will improve and update the most important rooms in your home. Before replacing your cabinets, consider the more cost effective solution of cabinet refinishing. Call RVA Pro Painters at (919) 438-6103 or fill out our contact form and we will call you.

Types of cabinet refinishing in Richmond and Chester

  • Quality cabinet enameling starts with good prep work. Certain steps must be taken to insure the final coat dries smooth. At RVA Pro Painters we clean the wood with a de glosses and sand smooth with 220 grit sand paper. We then follow up with a shellac based primer. This primer will not only seal out the woods oils but sands very easily to create a smooth surface for enameling. The enamel is then applied with a sprayer to give you the best possible finish.
  • Staining cabinets follows the same lines of preparation work as enameling with the exception of more sanding to remove any previous stain. The stain is then applied with a color of your choice. After the stain has dried sufficiently we apply several layers of clear coat to protect the wood.