Consider the Benefits


Create a more fashionable and modern appearance throughout your home. 

Eliminate acoustic ceilings that collect
dust and are difficult to clean.

Increase the value of your home immediately.

Create a sense of height and brighten a
dark room with a lighter texture.

Sell your home in less time with an
updated and improved appearance.


Turn ordinary into extraordinary

The inspired beauty of a custom texture and just the right paint color can transform a home in a way no other renovation can. Allow RVA PRO PAINTERS to remove those old-fashioned popcorn ceilings and make your home extraordinary.

You don’t have to live with
those outdated popcorn ceilings anymore!

Let the professionals at Rva Pro Painters update your home and increase its resale value by removing those old-fashioned popcorn ceilings and applying a new texture and finish.

Removing Popcorn Ceilings
is a Messy Job.

The professionals at RVA PRO PAINTERS will protect your home and belongings by thoroughly covering all furniture, flooring, fixtures, appliances, countertops and keepsakes.

Clean up makes perfect!

Home renovations can create a lot of dust. At RVA PRO PAINTERS, the project isn’t finished until your home is clean and furniture replaced. We are so confident in our performance, we guarantee it

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