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Whether you have vinyl, stucco or painted wood siding, Rva Pro Painters house washing service can safely and effectively improve the appearance of the exterior of your home, office or condo. Keeping the exterior of your home clean of dirt, mildew, and fungus will not only make it look great, but will extend the previous paint job.

House Washing

House washing should not to be confused with power washing. RVA Pro Painters House washing services uses a washing method that will clean your home by removing mildew, fungus and dirt. A pressure washer is used to apply cleaning solutions and rinsed them off but with no more force than a garden hose. This method does not force water into the wood, or damage the paint surface. We do this to prepare houses we are going to paint and to freshen up paint that just needs cleaning. It can also be used on vinyl siding and stucco. Years of accumulating dirt, mold, fungus and pollen can be removed effectively and affordably.
Washing projects are very affordable and can usually be completed in one day. Making them the perfect solution for cleaning up before family gatherings, parties and prepping real estate for rent. We offer all of these cleaning services along with pressure washing for home owners and businesses alike to keep your property looking good.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is used on stubborn surfaces. Water is used at high pressure to remove moss, fungus and dirt on stone patios, walks and decks. It is also ideal for removing fungus on plastic surfaces such as deck rails, trim and fences. There are many reasons for hiring professional pressure washing companies instead of attempting to do it yourself, but some of the most important are saving personal time, effort, and risk of damage.