Our 15 Step Process


Our 15 step method for a great looking, long lasting paint job

  • 1 - We survey the entire job. We determine exactly what has to be done, how it will be done, and organize the job accordingly.
  • 2 - Washing is done as needed to ensure proper adhesion of coatings.
  • 3 - Properly protect large areas not to be painted with drop cloths, and poly plastic such as floors, furniture, etc. inside, and landscaping, driveway, etc. outside.
  • 4 - Remove small items such as light switch plates, house numbers, mailbox etc. toinsure all areas are properly prepared and painted.
  • 5 - Scrape and sand loose paint/stain and other imperfections.
  • 6 - Reset and reputty loose nails.
  • 7 - For a cleaner, more finished appearance, caulk cracks where necessary and fill holes and other imperfections as needed.
  • 8 - Seal watermarks, and other blemishes that could “bleed through” later.
  • 9 - Prime as needed. Sometimes only spot priming is needed in bare and spackled areas while other situations call for a full prime coat.
  • 10 - If painting windows, replace loose or missing window glazing.
  • 11 - We now apply a finish using top quality materials.
  • 12 - At this point, we do a thorough inspection to insure the job meets our quality standards and then make improvements as needed.
  • 13 - Remove masking, drop cloths, and other protection, and replace items removed earlier.
  • 14 - Remove all equipment and materials used for project and do thorough clean-up.
  • 15 - Label and leave touch up paint for future convenience.